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Sisters Sampler Platter

Grilled & Marinated Chicken Satay (2), Chicken Thai Spring Rolls (2), Shrimp Rolls (2) & Crab Rangoons (2). Served with Our House Peanut Sauce , Cucumber Salad & House Sweet & Sour Sauce.


Thai Spring Rolls (2)

Deep Fried Golden Spring Rolls, Stuffed with Vegetables & Ground Chicken. Served with Our House Sweet &Sour Sauce.


Crab Rangoon (4)

Deep Fired Won-ton Stuffed with imitation Crab Meat, Cream Cheese & Green Onions.


Fresh Rolls (2)

Hand Made & Fresh Daily with Lettuce, Shrimp, Cilantro, Cucumber, Thin Rice Noodles, fresh Basil Rolled Into Thin Rice Paper.

*Vegetarian Also Available


Shrimp Rolls (5)

Shrimp Wrapped & Rolled In Spring Roll Skin. Deep Fried Until Golden Brown & Served with Our House Sweet & Sour Sauce.


Crispy Tofu

Bite Sized Pieces of Deep Fried Tempura Battered Tofu. Served with Our House peanut Sauce.


Lettuce Wraps

Wok Seared Chicken, Water Chestnuts & Green Onions. Served with Crispy Rice Sticks & Crispy Lettuce Cups.


Chicken Satay (4)

Grilled & Marinated Chicken in Thai Spices & Coconut Milk. Served with Our House Peanut Sauce & Cucumber Salad.


Chicken Wings

Deep Fried Breaded Chicken Wings; Served with a Sweet Thai Chili Sauce


Pot Stickers (5)

Ground Chicken with Scallions & Cabbage; Served with a Sou Vinaigrette.